SEO Audit

Rank. Don’t tank! 

STEP 1 - Website SEO Audits 

An SEO audit should be the start of any SEO campaign. It provides an understanding of why your website is not ranking vs. your competitors, or not generating the traffic and leads you want. Our SEO Audit Report pinpoints potential roadblocks hindering your site's performance and offers practical advice to improve your online presence.

Key elements covered:

  • Technical Health
  • Keyword Report
  • Content Strategy
  • Backlink Assessment
  • Local SEO (if applicable)
  • Google My Business Profile
  • Competitor Analysis

Investment: from CAD$450, book yours now

STEP 2: SEO Retainer

SEO is a process requiring constant monitoring and adjustment. Our Monthly SEO Package is designed to address issues uncovered in the audit. We protect and continually improve your site’s usability and search engine visibility, keeping it in alignment with the latest search engine algorithms and industry best practices. 

Our goal is to increase the volume and quality of traffic you receive through continued optimization of new and existing content. We also keep abreast of emerging SEO strategies and make appropriate adjustments based on any significant changes to Google’s algorithm. 

Our package includes a tailored mix of:

  • Development of an action plan based on our audit findings
  • Prioritizing tasks (impact vs. effort) for faster results
  • Addressing issues highlighted in the audit
  • Ongoing keyword and trend research
  • On and off-page optimization
  • Local SEO
  • New content recommendations
  • Internal/external link health maintenance
  • Backlink building
  • Monitoring of analytics
  • Transparent monthly reporting with a consultation session

Investment: from CAD$400 a month


Keyword Research - from CAD$390

Fresh, intelligent keyword research is the backbone of a successful SEO strategy and involves understanding the psychology of search. We analyse search data trends and competitor performance and present you with a recommended list of top performing keywords to use for your website.

Local SEO - from CAD$390

If your business is limited in scope geographically, optimizing your Google My Business profile and website for local SEO is crucial and will boost your overall ranking. We will analyse your performance and present our recommendations.

Blog Topics Research from CAD$350

We research high demand topics within your industry by analysing search trends and present you with a list of 10 blog themes / topic clusters that are in high demand and are underserved.

Backlink Health Check - from CAD$290 

Websites linking to your website have a big impact on your rankings. We identify toxic backlinks that are dragging your rankings down, and provide you the tools to generate positive backlinks boosting your site's authority, aka ‘link juice’.

SEO Consulting CAD$120/hour

Get the knowledge and support needed to run your own successful personalized SEO campaign. Or book some time with SEO nerds (us) to get answers to all your SEO questions. Book your now

White Label SEO (cost based on needs assessment)

Are you a marketing agency, web development business or digital consultancy seeking to bolster your digital marketing services without maintaining an in-house SEO team? By partnering with us, you can seamlessly integrate high-quality SEO solutions, enhance client satisfaction and scale services efficiently.

Reduced Pricing Options

For lean startups and operations with limited budgets, we do our best to offer discounts during slow periods and on non-urgent work which we can fit around our other projects. Just get in touch and tell us what’s working and not working for you, and we’ll do our best to come up with an equitable arrangement.