About Us

Your friendly neighbourhood SEO powerhouse.

Established in 2018, our roots are in Toronto’s High Park area. We have a track record of active engagement in the community, working with local brick & mortar and service-based businesses. With years of successes under our belt, we’re expanding fast, with clients around the world supported by an extended dream team of experts – copywriters, designers, coders, etc. – whom we pull in as needed.

Small businesses have little time for SEO.

Our experience with local businesses exposes a simple truth: To succeed, they must work twice as hard amid challenging, ever-changing circumstances. And in minding the day-to-day of normal business, few have the time or resources left over to entertain an SEO strategy.

We make SEO your small business superpower.

Years of trial and error has honed our ability to identify the key parts of successful SEO. We offer an alternative to a world saturated with agencies, websites, YouTubers, gurus and coaches selling this stuff. Like you, we’re small, niche, human in our approach and focussed on what matters. We care only about clarity, delivering measurable results with no corner-cutting, no cookie cutter solutions. 

It’s really that easy. To grow your business you need a website. To be found you need SEO. To get your SEO done you need us.

Book a call with us and be pleasantly surprised by a lack of sales pitch, or even a sales team. You will chat with Florence or Seb. We will ask you questions that matter, and answer yours succinctly. 

Meet the Nomadique humans.

Florence Hughes | Co-founderFlorence is our co-founder, having successfully launched and run an internet agency in London UK for 15 years before selling it (it’s still a thriving business today). When arriving in Canada six years ago, she wanted to leverage her expertise and remain in the fascinating world of entrepreneurs, especially working with small fast growing businesses. Florence is responsible for business strategy, sales & marketing and client success. She is based in Toronto.
Sebastian Kalff | Co-founder and SEO Specialist

Sebastian is our other co-founder, an Ivey Alumni with experience in e-commerce, the big brain powering our SEO techniques, tactics and strategies. He is naturally curious and has an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Sebastian is responsible for technical strategy, project management and research & innovation, he is based in Calgary.