The 'Budget-Friendly' SEO Package

The 'Budget-Friendly' SEO Package

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Let us help you get started with a customised SEO campaign. We will provide you with the research, analysis and know-how to optimise your own website.  

This package is for you if you have an established website, want to give your business a boost with some targeted SEO and want to learn how to do it yourself. 

You will learn:

  • What keywords to use to beat the competition 
  •  How to optimise your pages 
  •  What Blogs to write and best format
  •  How to boost your rankings by developing inbound links
  •  How to optimise for local SEO (if applicable)
  •  What technical issues are hindering your website
  • How to set up your analytics

Give your business a boost. Don't miss out on the benefits that strong SEO could deliver to your business which typically include:

  • Higher rankings on major search engines
  • Keywords that get you ranked on page one of Google searches
  • Trending blog topics that help you develop relevant content and fine-tune your offering to attract more website visitors
  • Increased organic traffic resulting in more enquiries and higher sales
  • Higher visitor engagement with visitors stay longer, engage with multiple pages and are more likely to reach out
  • Learn from your competitors. Our analysis looks at what successes can be replicated to suit your business purposes
  • Long-lasting results. Optimizing your website initially takes a few months. But once achieved, the results last for years.

Our Budget-Friendly Package includes:

  • Onboarding. This enables us to really get to know you and your business
  • SEO Audit. This is a an extensive deep-dive into your website, your competitors, technical health, local SEO and inbound links to understand what’s working, what’s holding you back, and where the low-hanging fruits are.
  • Audit review. We will talk you through the audit, help you understand the findings, and develop an action plan. 
  • Coaching sessions. Two one hour sessions to support you on your SEO journey, address issues, and answer questions. 

Additional coaching session can be booked at a reduced price of $100 + HST / hour.

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