Blog Writing Service For Exceptional Organic Traffic

Quality blogs on popular subjects are an effective way of driving organic traffic to your website - boosting your website rankings and DA (domain authority). 

Let’s be clear – writing great blog posts isn’t easy. You have to put in the time and do quality research. You can’t just rattle off blog posts sprinkled with keywords, hit a certain word count and hope they stick. The content must convey real value to the reader and tell them something they don’t already know.

Google evaluates content based on their E-A-T guidelines, which stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. This means that content should demonstrate expertise in the subject matter, come from authoritative sources, and be trustworthy and accurate. Google also wants to see this type of content consistently published over a long period of time.

Writing great blog posts is one thing – but ensuring they rank well in search results is quite another. Our full-service blog writing service ensures that your content delivers results by:

  • Conducting thorough research to identify trending topics within your industry
  • Crafting a compelling title (to entice readers and help Google understand what the blog is about)
  • Following best practice blog writing principles (eg. transactional so there’s something in it for each party, a clear structure, easily digestible chapters, appropriate length of paragraphs, optimum word count, internal/external linking, etc)
  • Optimising each post to please the Google Gods
  • Providing you draft copies for final editing and revisions
  • Publishing monthly on your website, hassle-free for you
  • Tracking and reporting on user data to see what’s working 

The 6 step Process:

  1. Initial Consultation: We'll have a session to understand your business and goals.
  2. Topic Selection: Based on our discussion and extensive research, we'll compile a list of topics for you to choose from.
  3. Calendar Set-Up: Utilize a collaborative content calendar to plan and organize your blog posts efficiently, ensuring timely and consistent publishing.
  4. Content Creation: Each month, we'll write one or two 750-word optimized blog post with copyright-free images if needed.
  5. Review and Edit: You'll have the opportunity to review the draft and make edits before it goes live.
  6. Publication and Monitoring: Once approved, we'll publish the post on your website and monitor its performance to ensure it's driving organic traffic effectively.

All blogs are written by humans, we do not use AI. 


  • 1 monthly blog: $295/month
  • 2 monthly blogs: $495/month 
  • Optimisation of old blogs: price on request

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