The 'Just Get It Done' SEO Package

The 'Just Get It Done' SEO Package

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You know you need SEO. Let us get it off your to-do list. Affordably outsource all research, analysis and implementation of a focused, effective and pain-free SEO campaign.

Give your business a boost. Don't miss out on the benefits that strong SEO could deliver to your business which typically include:

  • Higher rankings on major search engines. We aim to match or beat your competitors
  • Keywords that get you ranked on page one of Google searches. Since few people browse beyond page one, we analyze data to find the niche keywords with high potential to get you there and keep you there
  • Trending blog topics. These help you develop relevant content and fine-tune your offering to attract more website visitors
  • Increased organic traffic. This results in more enquiries and higher sales
  • Higher visitor engagement. Your visitors stay longer, engage with multiple pages and are more likely to reach out
  • Learn from your competitors. Our analysis looks at what successes can be replicated to suit your business purposes
  • Long-lasting results. Optimizing your website initially takes a few months. But once achieved, the results last for years, keeping you top-ranked for your keywords, local advantage, etc.

Our Get It Done Package is a 3 month programme that includes:

  • Onboarding. This enables us to really get to know you and your business
  • SEO Audit. This is a deep-dive into your website enabling us to understand what’s holding it back, and where the low-hanging fruits are
  • Development of an action plan. Based on our audit findings, we prioritize tasks (impact vs. effort) for faster results
  • Implementation of SEO strategies in the following areas: Technical, keywords, content, inbound links, local SEO/Google My Business
  • Establishment of analytics. This lets you monitor all traffic, which pages are visited and for how long, time of visits, etc.
  • Tracking of results and ongoing support. Our monthly check-ins help you keep your site and content optimized for search
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