Ecommerce SEO

Turn your online shop in your main sales channel

Why Is Ecommerce SEO Important?

Organic product search optimisation is an immense opportunity for online retailers. Figures show that 35% of Google product searches resulted in real transactions within five days. Additionally, data from New Media Campaigns suggests that organic SEO offers 5.5x the ROI of paid ads.

Conventional SEO is valuable to all companies. It increases prominence, assists in the development of the brand image and improves domain authority (DA, an authority metric developed by Moz which gives your website a score out of 100 based on its quality). The better quality your website, the higher your website will rank in Search Engines

As an online retailer, your ecommerce SEO strategy is arguably even more important. It is the primary way to gain traffic to your product pages via search engines without having to take out paid ads.

Ecommerce SEO vs SEO

Ecommerce SEO differs from traditional SEO with regards to the approach.

While there is a substantial overlap between the two, ecommerce SEO focuses more on optimising product pages whereas general SEO focuses more on targeting keywords across static pages.

As an ecommerce business, you need to be doing both.

Optimising product pages has always been an essential component of effective ecommerce SEO and is slightly different from optimising a static page. Product pages need to tell your customers about your brand, accurately describe your products and, ultimately, persuade them to convert.

Ecommerce SEO vs Paid Ads

Don’t underestimate the power of ecommerce SEO to deliver results and help users find your products. Customers instinctively trust organic product search engine results more than paid alternatives and are much more likely to click them.

The top organic result collects 32.5% of all traffic, with the top 3 paid ads receiving less than 40% of all clicks on any given results page. Optimising your webpages is a great, thrifty way to develop market advantage and funnel customers to your product pages instead of those of your competitors. Paid ads are famous for boosting immediate visibility, but they can often cause you to spend an absurd amount of money for a very limited conversion rate.